Kids’ Club


What is Our Kids’ Club?

kids club

The majority of our young patients do not require immediate treatment, so Dr. Farrow takes a “wait and see” approach. Through active observation appointments, she will regularly check on the development of the patient’s permanent teeth, jaw, and face.

The Farrow Orthodontics Kids’ Club is designed for these young patients. The club assists these patients in becoming more comfortable with our office and more knowledgeable about orthodontic treatment. We want all our patients to feel like they are a part of our office, even if they are not yet receiving orthodontic treatment.

We’ve designed a new and exciting program especially for these younger patients, called Super Kids Club! It is a great way for kids to interact with our staff and share in all the fun activities our patients enjoy!

Here’s how it works

Dr. Farrow and the AAO recommend that all children be seen by an orthodontist by the age of 7. At these routine appointments, your child’s growth and development will be monitored until the optimal time in the growth period has been reached for starting any necessary orthodontic treatment. Digital radiographs and diagnostic records (if recommended) are included in your six-month complimentary observation appointments.

kids club

It’s so easy! If immediate treatment is not determined to be needed during your child’s initial examination, your son or daughter will automatically become part of our Kids’ Club and receive a membership certificate. A follow-up visit will be scheduled and your child will receive our super-cool Kids’ Club T-shirt. Each time your youngster comes in for an appointment wearing your Super Kids Club T-shirt, he or she will receive a super-cool prize.

As a member of the club, you’ll have access to all kinds of fun office events, parties, Facebook contests, and lots of other cool prizes — many designed especially for our Super Kids’ Club members.

How does my child join?

kids club

Bring your child in for the first new patient exam at your convenience. The initial appointment takes between 45 and 60 minutes. The length of the exam depends on how much time is needed to take X-rays, discuss potential concerns the doctor may have, and address any of your questions. We look forward to having your child be a part of our Kids’ club and to giving him or her a beautiful and healthy smile.  

How much does it cost?

There is NO FEE associated with the Kids’ Club program! At your child’s appointments, growth and development will be monitored until the optimal window of growth is reached to begin orthodontic treatment, if necessary. Any growth-related X-rays that are taken (if indicated) during observation appointments are also complimentary.

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What Our Patients are Saying
“I believe that my son is receiving excellent care. Thank you for taking care of my son.” – PT
“I love the skill, organization, calmness, and optimism of the office.” – Elizabeth
“Friendly and efficient staff, we would recommend Farrow Orthodontics to our family and friends.” – MW
“We can always get an appointment because of the flexible appointment time slots.” – KS
“The office has a comfortable atmosphere and staff has pleasant attitudes!” – Shannon
“The whole team is always friendly.” – LH
“They have such a kind staff.” – Michael
“Everyone is wonderful and kind, we couldn’t be happier with the service we receive. We would absolutely recommend Farrow Ortho to friends and family.” – ST
“My kids love it and are always comfortable, so that makes me love it. There is nothing you could do to improve, we are always happy. We have many friends that use Farrow Orthodontics.” – BG